Monday, 28 January 2013

All you need to know about Instagram! Instagram articles at your service.

         Welcome to InstagramFanatic !!!

welcome to Instagram Fanatic for Instagram Tutorials
If you are here reading this then it means you are an Instagram fanatic. Instagram is a crazy world of creativity and photography. You never know when people starts appreciating your work so much that in months you get a fan following of  thousands of users. If you haven't reached that kind of climax or you are basically a PC user or a new user  who happens to be interested in Instagram then Kudos to you!!! You have come to the right place. We will teach you how to use Instagram from basics to that of the professional level. 

All the articles will be listed on this single page.

Instagram Basics:

How to access Instagram on your PC, iphone or android
How do you access Instagram ?
Ahmm well the correct question to ask would be, What platform do you use to access web? 

  • An iPhone
  • An Android
  • Tablet/iPod/iPad
  • A PC ***

For iPhone, Android and tablet/iPod/iPad users they can download Instagram directly from their application stores and enjoy it tremendously. In case of any difficulty please refer the following articles:

For PC users:
For Developers, they can register for Instagram api by following the following link:
Using Instagram for the first time
Now as you have set up your Instagram on your devices, you must know how to use it. 

Now comes the Interesting part! Well you must have guessed it already .... Oh yes """Uploading photos!!!"""
This part will be most exciting:

Instagram Basics-II

Now coming to additional parts of Instagram like commenting on photos, following someone:
How to get more followers on Instagram
Gaining Popularity: I know this is the limelight topic among every Instagramer. Well then read on:

Making your way through spamming and privacy : Well this has been the state on Instagram for sometime after its acquisition by Facebook. And as a Instagramer one should protect themselves and their photos from frequent spamming and stalking.

Backup sector
Well this part is for backing up your photos on Instagram, in case of  dissatisfaction with Instagram or just keeping a backup for reactivating your account after a account deletion or possible hacking issues.
Instagram Videos(New)
Well Instagram is no longer only limited to photographers, it now also has a amazing network of video makers and they will do anything to become popular on Instagram.

Saying goodbye to Instagram !!!

deleting your instagram account
Now this part is kind of  Insta-spoil but I understand the frustration caused by Acquisition of Instagram by Facebook and frequent changing policies. Here in this part you can delete your bad photos or photos that you no longer want to share and also on how to say final goodbye to Instagram.
I hope you liked the post, In case something that you wanted to know about is missing, feel free to comment below so that we can include that topic too. Have a nice day ! :)  

                      Happy Instagraming!!!
Have a great time on Instagram


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